How To Finish CLAT Paper 20 Minutes Ahead Of Anyone Else?

Do you wish to finish your CLAT paper 20 minutes ahead ofanyone else? CLAT needs an aspirant to possess both speed and aptitude. It is a
2-hour long test in which you need to attempt 200 questions with a ghost of
negative marking.

To attempt all the questions and to finish it veryeasily, you must have a proper backup plan. Sometimes students choose
self-study and do not get good marks. So, it becomes mandatory for the students
to choose the best law coaching in Kolkata. There are lots of law coaching programs you should opt for.Amongst them, CLAT Edufoster Institute is the best law coaching in India, known for its excellent services.

The best team of faculty members clears all the students'doubts regarding the exam. The institute also provides mock tests, online and
offline classes, and the best study materials.

CLAT being a 2-hour-long exam requires you to besupremely agile as far as attempting the answers is concerned. A mess with
respect to a few minutes could make or break it for you, either putting you on
the pedestal of success or jeopardizing your dreams.

In order to make the best use of the time available toyou, you will have to compartmentalize the paper into five parts. Instead of
looking at the whole paper as one big, 2-hour-long test, you will have to
assume that you are taking five different tests, each of a shorter duration.

In other words, you will have to see to it that you nevercross the number of minutes you decided to assign to the subject you are
dealing with.

For instance, if you start the paper with GK, you mustensure that you finish the section within 10 minutes. GK does not require you
to solve a question. Once you go through the question and the options, you know
whether you should attempt it or not, right away.

If you could manage to attempt, let’s say, 30 questionsout of the 50 questions in the section within the prescribed 10 minutes, you
must stop there and must never cross the threshold of 10 minutes for the whole
section, even if you feel that you will get 15 out of the remaining 20

While dealing with the section, you must assume that youare taking a 10-minute-long test where you need to attempt the 50 questions. In
short, you will have to learn to invigilate yourself.

Likewise, you must attempt English, legal reasoning,logic, and mathematics in 24, 36, 30, and 20 minutes, respectively. You can
shuffle the order of the subjects as per your strengths and weaknesses, but the
minutes dedicated to each subject must remain intact.


Candidates need to take mocks, which are very necessaryto improve their speed. CLAT Edufoster Institute as the top law coaching in kolkata has had students in the past that didnot farewell in the initial mocks that they looked but featured within the top
10 in the all-India category in both CLAT and AILET.


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